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Finishing - The Golden Touch

The finishing range consists of automatic slitter, padder, dryer, stitching, stenter, compactor, raising and shearing facilities. The 4-chamber dryer from Monforts of Germany can ensure tumbling property on the fabric, as well as a padding and stretching facility in wet form for better quality. The 7-chamber Monforts Stenter machines with Toptex open-width Compactors and an automatic slitting machine can ensure today's modern finishing treatments. The capacity is designed for open-width fabric relaxation and shrinking of knitted fabrics, contributing to the ultimate fabric quality.

The Raising unit has four computerized Raising and Emerizing machines and one shearing machine from Gematex of Germany. These computer controlled machines are suitable for processing Plush fabrics, Terry, Velour, Polar Fleece, Micro Fleece, Three Thread/Two Thread Fleece, Velour Imitation furs, Blankets, Short Pile and High Pile woven & Double Rib Plush Fabrics and all kinds of brushed knitted products.



The company can boast of being one of the few companies to have a Mercerising range from Dornier of Germany, along with a computerized fabric singeing facility. It is capable of producing single and double mercerized solid dyed and yarn dyed fabrics like: feeder stripes, auto-stripers, engineering-stripers, all four


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