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Garments - Stitch in time

For the conversion of fabrics into client need-oriented garments, the factory is equipped with the most modern cutting, sewing and finishing machinery. Its Computer Aided Design (CAD) section is equipped with GGT (USA) for marker making.

The Computer Aided Spreading (CAS) consists of a cloth spreader, air floating table and spike cutting tables for stripe fabric. To assist in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), a sophisticated laser guided cutting machine from Garber of USA has been installed.


The factory has a wide range of the most modern, world-renowned Juki ( Japan ) sewing machines with automated thread trimming and sucking devices. Besides, it has automatic ironing machines from Mentasti ( Italy ) and thread cleaning, spot removing and needle detector machines of renowned brands.


The range of garments the factory is capable of manufacturing includes: T-shirts, Polo shirts, Tank tops, Ladies fashion wear, Kids wear, Sports wears, Fleece items, Pajamas, and Shorts.

The factory's fully equipped sample section is capable of delivering any prototype sample within 48 hours.


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