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AN thread ….. is it a justified choice ?

The answer is “yes”

AN thread is a only sewing thread which maintain the quality at a justified price.

Perfect length and count of thread always guauaranteed

It is absolute bleach proof. So, no chance of color bleeding or fading and subsequent damage of fabric. Our sophisticated lubricating winder ensures better gliding efficiency and lower surface friction than any other sewing thread in Bangladesh .

To maintain the highest quality standard, we procure basic thread from a reputed mill which stands among the top 5% according to USTER statistics of CV , haring, elongation and tenacity.

Thread is a low cost accessory. Saving a few cents by sacrificing quality may cost you in terms of production efficiency and loss of valuable clients.

So why not you look for the best quality thread in the market?

... .. the obvious choice is AN Thread



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